Oramed’s oral insulin flunks phase 3 diabetes test, sending stock down 70%

Diabetes, a chronic condition affecting millions worldwide, requires constant management and treatment. In the pursuit of innovative solutions, Oramed Pharmaceuticals has been developing an oral insulin treatment, which aims to provide a more convenient option for diabetes patients. However, their recent Phase 3 clinical trial results have delivered a significant blow to their efforts. In a disappointing outcome, the trial showed that the oral insulin treatment did not meet the desired efficacy endpoints, leading to a sharp decline in Oramed’s stock prices. In this blog, we will focus on the key points surrounding Oramed’s Phase 3 trial results and their impact on diabetes research and Oramed Pharmaceuticals.

Key Points

Here are the key points regarding Oramed’s oral insulin Phase 3 trial results:

1. Oral Insulin Treatment:

Oramed Pharmaceuticals has been working on developing an oral insulin treatment as an alternative to traditional insulin injections for diabetes patients. The goal was to create a more convenient and patient-friendly method of delivering insulin, potentially improving adherence to treatment regimens and overall patient experience.

2. Phase 3 Clinical Trial:

The Phase 3 clinical trial is a critical stage in the development of a new treatment. It involves testing the therapy on a larger scale to evaluate its safety, efficacy, and potential benefits compared to existing treatments or a placebo. The outcome of Phase 3 trials plays a crucial role in determining whether a treatment will move forward to regulatory approval.

3. Disappointing Efficacy Results:

The Phase 3 trial results for Oramed’s oral insulin treatment fell short of the desired efficacy endpoints. The treatment did not demonstrate significant effectiveness in managing diabetes compared to existing treatments or the placebo. This news has come as a major setback for Oramed and the diabetes research community, as they have been eagerly awaiting the potential benefits of an oral insulin option.

4. Impact on Oramed Pharmaceuticals:

The disappointing Phase 3 trial results have had a substantial impact on Oramed Pharmaceuticals’ stock prices. Following the announcement, their stock plummeted by a remarkable 70%. This sharp decline reflects investor disappointment and raises concerns about the future prospects of the oral insulin treatment and the financial viability of the company.

5. The Future of Oral Insulin:

Despite this setback, the pursuit of an oral insulin treatment for diabetes is not over. The Phase 3 trial results highlight the challenges faced in developing an effective oral insulin therapy and underscore the complexities of diabetes management. Researchers and other pharmaceutical companies will continue to explore alternative approaches to oral insulin delivery, seeking ways to improve efficacy and overcome the hurdles encountered by Oramed in their study.

6. Importance of Continued Research:

The disappointing outcome of Oramed’s Phase 3 trial emphasizes the importance of continued research in the field of diabetes. Diabetes is a chronic condition with significant health implications, requiring ongoing innovation to improve treatment options. Other avenues of research, such as advancements in insulin delivery methods, glucose monitoring technologies, and the development of targeted therapies, will remain vital in providing better care and support for diabetes patients.


Oramed Pharmaceuticals’ oral insulin Phase 3 trial results mark a major setback in the development of a more convenient treatment option for diabetes patients. The disappointing efficacy results and subsequent decline in stock prices highlight the challenges and uncertainties faced in the pursuit of innovative solutions. However, setbacks like these serve as opportunities for reflection, learning, and further research. The diabetes research community will continue to explore alternative approaches to oral insulin and other treatment options, driven by the ultimate goal of improving the lives of those affected by diabetes. The journey towards effective diabetes management continues, fueled by determination, innovation, and a commitment to better healthcare solutions.