Custom chemistry. Chemistry FTE. Resynthesis.

Title: Maximizing Efficiency and Flexibility: The Power of Custom Chemistry and In-House FTE for Resynthesis


In the field of drug discovery and development, custom chemistry plays a crucial role in delivering innovative solutions for complex challenges. The integration of in-house Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) capabilities allows organizations to optimize processes and enhance their efficiency. In this blog post, we will explore the key benefits of custom chemistry and the utilization of in-house FTE for resynthesis, offering a comprehensive overview of their potential in driving successful drug development campaigns.

Key Point 1: Custom Chemistry: Tailoring Synthesis for Unique Needs

  • Custom chemistry involves the design and synthesis of novel compounds tailored to meet specific requirements in drug discovery.
  • Custom synthesis offers several advantages, including the ability to access compounds not readily available in catalogs, adapt synthesis routes to optimize yields, and incorporate unique chemical modifications to enhance drug potency and selectivity.

Key Point 2: Flexibility and Timeliness with In-House FTE

  • In-house FTE, or Full-Time Equivalent, involves having dedicated chemistry experts and resources exclusively working on the organization’s projects.
  • This approach provides greater control, flexibility, and timeliness by eliminating potential delays associated with outsourcing chemistry services to external partners.
  • In-house FTE teams can collaborate closely with other research departments, allowing for efficient project management and seamless integration of complex chemistry requirements.

Key Point 3: Resynthesis: Unlocking Compound Reproducibility and Scalability

  • Resynthesis involves the recreation of existing compounds through custom chemistry processes.
  • It allows researchers to reproduce and optimize the synthesis of known molecules, ensuring the availability of reliable and high-quality compounds for testing and further exploration.
  • Resynthesis is essential for validating previous research findings, enabling researchers to confidently move forward with subsequent studies.

Key Point 4: Maximizing Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness

  • By harnessing the power of custom chemistry and in-house FTE, organizations can streamline their drug discovery process, eliminating communication gaps and minimizing project delays.
  • In-house FTE teams dedicated to custom chemistry can quickly adapt to changing project needs, optimizing timelines, and ensuring the highest quality standards for compound synthesis.
  • The utilization of in-house FTE also enables organizations to closely manage costs, as the resources are allocated based on specific project requirements.

Key Point 5: Enhanced Intellectual Property Protection

  • Custom chemistry and in-house FTE allow organizations to maintain better control and ownership of their intellectual property.
  • By conducting synthesis activities in-house, companies can protect their novel chemical entities, synthesis routes, and process improvements from potential leaks or unwanted disclosures.

Key Point 6: Collaboration and Cross-Disciplinary Synergy

  • The integration of custom chemistry and in-house FTE encourages collaboration between chemists, biologists, pharmacologists, and other experts involved in drug discovery.
  • This cross-disciplinary synergy fosters innovation, knowledge sharing, and the identification of new opportunities for therapeutic development.


Custom chemistry and the utilization of in-house FTE offer remarkable benefits for drug discovery programs, particularly in the realm of resynthesis. The integration of these capabilities ensures greater flexibility, efficiency, and control throughout the synthesis process. By leveraging custom chemistry and in-house FTE, organizations can accelerate compound development, optimize timelines, protect intellectual property, and foster cross-disciplinary collaboration. Ultimately, these powerful tools pave the way for successful drug discovery campaigns and the advancement of innovative therapeutic solutions.