Chiesi Group’s Lamzede Gets FDA Approval for Rare Genetic Disorder

Chiesi Group, a leading global pharmaceutical company, has recently announced the FDA approval of its drug Lamzede (velmanase alfa) for the treatment of a rare genetic disorder known as alpha-mannosidosis. This approval marks a significant milestone for patients affected by this disease, which previously had no cure or approved treatments. In this blog, we will explore the key points of Chiesi Group’s announcement and what it means for patients with alpha-mannosidosis.

Key Points

Let’s dive into the key points of Chiesi Group’s recent announcement:

1. What is Alpha-Mannosidosis?

Alpha-mannosidosis is a rare, inherited metabolic disorder caused by a deficiency of the enzyme alpha-mannosidase. This enzyme is essential for breaking down complex carbohydrates in cells, and a deficiency can lead to the buildup of toxic substances in various organs, including the brain. The disease can manifest in a wide range of symptoms, including intellectual disability, skeletal abnormality, hearing loss, muscle weakness, and infections.

2. Lamzede’s Approval:

Lamzede, developed by Chiesi Group, is a recombinant DNA-derived form of the missing enzyme alpha-mannosidase, administered via intravenous infusion. Clinical studies have shown that Lamzede can significantly improve the quality of life for patients with alpha-mannosidosis, with improvements in organ function, mobility, and cognition. The FDA’s approval of Lamzede marks a significant milestone in the development of treatments for this rare, debilitating condition.

3. Benefits for Patients:

Alpha-mannosidosis is a severe, life-altering disease, and until now, there were no approved treatments available for patients. With the approval of Lamzede, patients with alpha-mannosidosis now have a viable treatment option that can alleviate some of their symptoms and improve their quality of life. Lamzede offers hope for patients and their families who previously had little to no options for managing the disease.

4. Orphan Drug Designation:

Lamzede received orphan drug designation from the FDA, which provides incentives for companies to develop drugs for rare diseases. Orphan drug designation grants Chiesi Group exclusivity in marketing Lamzede for seven years, along with tax credits and other benefits to support the development and marketing of the drug.

5. Continued Research and Development:

Chiesi Group continues to pursue research and development of innovative treatments for rare, genetic diseases such as alpha-mannosidosis. The FDA’s approval of Lamzede is only the beginning of the journey for treating this rare condition, and there is still much work to be done in developing more effective treatments and raising awareness of the disease.


Chiesi Group’s recent FDA approval of Lamzede is a significant milestone for the treatment of alpha-mannosidosis, a rare genetic disorder. Lamzede offers hope for patients and their families who have been suffering from this debilitating disease, with significant improvements in quality of life. This approval also highlights the importance of orphan drug designation, which provides support and incentives for companies to develop treatments for rare diseases. While there is still much work to be done in researching and developing effective treatments, this approval is a positive step forward in improving the lives of those affected by rare genetic disorders.