Title: Leveraging ChemDiv’s Coronavirus Assays Platform for Effective COVID-19 Research


Chemical Diversity Laboratories Inc. (ChemDiv) has developed a comprehensive Coronavirus Assays platform to support the global research community in the fight against COVID-19. This platform offers a wide range of tools and resources to accelerate the discovery and development of antiviral therapeutics for the prevention and treatment of coronavirus infections. In this blog, we will explore the key points surrounding ChemDiv’s Coronavirus Assays Platform and its significance in COVID-19 research.

Key Points

  1. Diverse Collection of Assays

ChemDiv’s Coronavirus Assays Platform provides access to a diverse collection of assays specifically designed to investigate different aspects of coronavirus biology and antiviral drug discovery. These assays include viral entry/replication assays, protease activity assays, viral cytopathic effect assays, and various host target-specific assays. This wide range of assays allows researchers to comprehensively evaluate potential antiviral drug candidates and gain valuable insights into the mechanisms of coronavirus infection.

  1. Identification of Novel Antiviral Leads

ChemDiv’s platform enables researchers to screen large compound libraries against specific coronavirus targets using their assays. By leveraging high-throughput screening and their extensive collection of diverse compounds, researchers can identify novel antiviral leads with the potential to inhibit viral replication, disrupt viral entry, or modulate host responses to infection. The platform facilitates the discovery of potential therapeutics that could be further developed into effective treatments against COVID-19.

  1. Customizable Research Programs

ChemDiv collaborates with researchers to deliver customizable research programs tailored to specific requirements related to the discovery and development of antiviral therapies. Their team of experienced scientists supports researchers in target selection, compound library screening, and lead optimization. The platform offers the flexibility to combine different assays and capabilities, allowing researchers to design comprehensive studies that align with their specific research goals and optimize their drug discovery efforts.

  1. Access to Comprehensive Data and Expert Support

ChemDiv’s Coronavirus Assays Platform provides researchers with access to comprehensive data, including assay protocols, compound libraries, and screening results. This valuable information empowers researchers to make informed decisions and accelerates the drug discovery process. In addition to the data resources, ChemDiv offers expert support from their team of scientists, who can provide guidance on assay optimization, compound selection, and data analysis. This support ensures researchers have the necessary expertise to make progress in their COVID-19 research.

  1. Accelerating Drug Discovery Efforts

ChemDiv’s Coronavirus Assays Platform plays a vital role in accelerating drug discovery efforts against COVID-19. By providing access to a wide range of assays, compound libraries, and expert support, researchers can efficiently identify potential antiviral leads and advance them into preclinical and clinical development stages. The platform enables collaboration and knowledge-sharing among researchers worldwide, fostering a collective effort to combat the global pandemic.


ChemDiv’s Coronavirus Assays Platform offers a valuable resource for researchers working towards effective treatments for COVID-19. The diverse collection of assays, customizable research programs, access to comprehensive data, and expert support enable researchers to accelerate their drug discovery efforts. ChemDiv’s platform serves as a catalyst for collaboration and innovation in the fight against COVID-19. With their support, researchers can identify novel antiviral leads and contribute to the global effort to mitigate the impact of the pandemic through the development of effective therapeutics.

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