Title: AVIFAVIR’s Release to the International Market: A Potential Game-changer in COVID-19 Treatment


AVIFAVIR, formally known as Favipiravir, is an antiviral medication that has been approved and used in Japan for influenza treatment and stockpiling purposes. However, recently, it has been gaining attention for its potential use in treating COVID-19. In this blog post, we will explore the key points surrounding AVIFAVIR’s release to the international market, its mechanism of action, and the clinical trial results.

Key Point 1: AVIFAVIR’s Mechanism of Action

AVIFAVIR works by inhibiting RNA polymerase to prevent the virus replication in cells. RNA polymerase is a crucial enzyme that is responsible for the transcription of the viral RNA into new viruses, leading to an increase in the viral load in the body. By inhibiting this enzyme, AVIFAVIR can control the viral replication and halt the progression of the COVID-19 infection.

Key Point 2: Approval and Availability

AVIFAVIR was approved for use in Russia in May 2020, making it the first COVID-19 treatment registered in the country. Currently, it is only available for use in hospital settings for severe COVID-19 cases. However, its developers, Russia’s ChemRar Group, and the RDIF (Russian Direct Investment Fund), have announced plans to distribute it internationally.

Key Point 3: Clinical Trials

AVIFAVIR clinical trials have shown promising results. In a study of 60 patients, those treated with the drug had a significant reduction in the time to viral clearance, compared to the control group. There was also a lower incidence of severe lung damage, and no treatment-related adverse events were reported.

Key Point 4: Potential Benefits

AVIFAVIR has several potential benefits in treating COVID-19. Its oral formulation allows for ease of administration and could potentially reduce the need for invasive procedures such as intubation. Additionally, it has a low toxicity profile and could be safe for use in certain populations, such as pregnant women.

Key Point 5: Considerations and Limitations

While AVIFAVIR has shown promise as a potential COVID-19 treatment, there are still limitations to consider. The clinical trials conducted to date have been small, limiting the generalizability of the results. Additionally, it is still unclear how the drug will perform in severe and critical cases of COVID-19 or in patients with underlying medical conditions. The cost and availability of the drug may also pose challenges for widespread use.


AVIFAVIR, or Favipiravir, has been approved for use in severe COVID-19 cases in Russia and has demonstrated promising results in clinical trials. Its mechanism of action and oral formulation offer potential advantages for COVID-19 treatment. While its release to the international market may offer new treatment options, there are still considerations and limitations to address. Continued research and larger clinical trials will shed light on the full potential of AVIFAVIR as a COVID-19 treatment. The development of effective treatments is crucial for mitigating the impact of COVID-19 and protecting the health and well-being of individuals worldwide.